Recognized as one of Los Angeles' top acting coaches, Shari Shaw Acting Studio offers acting classes, private coaching and consultation for all levels of performers including Actors, Writers, Directors, Producers, Business Executives and Public Speakers as well as anyone looking to find their voice, focus their message and improve self-presentation. Private, Semi-Private, Class, On-Set, Location, In-Home and Office coaching sessions are available.

Shari Shaw has developed an inspiring, empowering, confidence-building and success-oriented method for personal preparation and performance in an energetic, creative and supportive environment. Actors, Performers and Professionals learn to dig deep, find their unique voice and express it with passion and clarity to achieve excellence in all aspects of their professional and personal lives.

Shari Shaw Acting Studio is more than an inspirational haven for creative professionals dedicated to their craft and success. It is a community of imaginative artists who strive for personal excellence and achievement. It is the creation and fulfillment of a passion and a dream.

Shari Shaw Acting Studio Is Dedicated To:
    • Developing the Actor's ability to instantly access their deepest emotions in order to give the most vibrant, textured and interesting performances possible.
    • Teaching the Performer to find and refine their Unique Personality and Voice.
    • Providing tools for Personal Preparation that deliver confidence, excellence and success.
    • Opening the mind and body to creativity and expression, challenging the imagination and eliminating boundaries and inhibitions.
    • Inspiring richer, more captivating, performances flowing from personal passion, power and truth.
Shari's Bio
After graduating Cum Laude from Cal. State University-Northridge Theater Arts Department and U.S.C. Theater, Shari's professional career spanned almost 20 years as a full-time working actor on Film, TV, National Commercials and Stage including Theatrical World Premieres.
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Despite her on-camera success, Shari developed a greater joy from individual work with actors and the emotional and creative experience of teaching the craft of acting. Combining her own acting experience and infectious, high-energy personality with techniques of mentors Lee Strasberg, Peggy Fuery and John Lehne - as well as motivational skills developed as a successful personal trainer – Shari has developed a one-of-a-kind approach to coaching actors and performers.

In 2000, Shari Shaw Acting Studio was born. From a converted office/garage, it has grown into a thriving acting coaching business with two locations and an ever-widening network of friends, associates, colleagues and clients. Shari was the first female director for the NBC-Universal Actor's Showcase. She has also directed the ABC Diversity Showcase and is a regular instructor at the Universal Studios Acting Workshops. Shari owned the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City from 2005-2012 and recently founded LIVE AS IF, an Executive and Life Coaching consultation company. Her first book 'ACT AS IF - LIVE AS IF' is due to be published in 2013.

I truly enjoy coaching with Shari before an audition. hat a fiery, grounding pleasure it is to work with Shari Shaw. Shari has the ability to make the most out of my time. Shari Shaw really is my third eye. She helps make all my choices more specific and sharp. Working with Shari has increased my booking rate exponentially. Shari Shaw understands actors. Shari Shaw has taken my acting to a whole new level. Shari Shaw is my spirit animal. Shari Shaw is like a great sparring partner for me. Shari Shaw is a dynamic teacher who is able to tao into your thinking as an actor. Shari Shaw has a wonderful way of breaking through your comfort zone ... it opened a lot of doors for me. Shari Shaw is Awesome! It's so nice to see her and then leave feeling like you are going to get the job. Shari is amazing! Working with Shari is a phenomenal tool I highly recommend for any actor of any level. Shari Shaw's efficient, friendly, and detailed process always helps whether for an audition or a self-tape. Shari Shaw is hard nosed, demanding and no nonsense when it comes to coaching actors. Shari has an uncanny ability to break down material in concise, spot-on and unexpected ways, giving each performance an added distinctive feel and depth. Shari Shaw is an absolute muse for actors. Shari Shaw is honest, insightful, and worth every penny! Shari Shaw is a generous, encouraging, and enthusiastic acting coach and teacher. I whole heartedly encourage any serious actor to take the time and make the effort to study with Shari Shaw.