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How you start your day, in my opinion, is critical to starting each day with your feet firmly planted on the positive path. Creating routines that center you with your mind and body helps keep you in balance and gives you the structure necessary to support and enhance your career. Even when you feel down, try to give yourself a mantra or an action that lifts you up and gives you a positive push into the day. 

Rituals have a powerful trickle-down effect in leading a positive path in life. Consider what you’re grateful for as you start your ritual. Take steps to enrich the supportive energy you’ve built around yourself,  this is the simple secret to being a positive path actor and person!

Make sure to include steps in your ritual that connect you to your body. Your body is your instrument, and you must treat it as such. Adding in an hour of exercise to your routine, not only gets you in the right physical space but also the right mindset. 

Now write down your ideal morning ritual and challenge yourself to stick to it for a month! I promise if you stick to this routine, you’re guaranteed to feel brighter, calmer, and more focused and open. And of course a more well-rounded artist. 


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