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Your Mindset and Self-Knowledge are your Super Powers

“The better you know yourself, the better your relationship with the rest of the world.”- Toni Collette.

“I think, initially, I used acting as a way to express myself. I was very good at seeing other things very clearly, and I saw myself less clearly. And there were times when I felt overwhelmed by my own emotions. So acting became a way of accessing those emotions and doing something positive and creative with them.”
– Toni Collette.

You are a marvelous and complex human being. Your unique strengths can help you be the best version of yourself. So spend some time with yourself to grow in self-knowledge. You can be your own best company. Take yourself on a walk, write in your journal, or take a yoga class. By getting to know yourself, you can set the stage for success. You love this artistic world and by getting to know yourself inside and out so much opportunity can come your way.

Self-knowledge as an actor can be helpful in oh so many ways. You are in control of your career. You know what roles to target and what stories are important for you to tell. When you are solid in your self-knowledge no one else’s opinion matters because you know who you are and that is incredibly powerful. Actor Toni Collete uses self-knowledge to pick what roles to play even when it’s a genre like the horror film Hereditary she does not like to watch. And what wonderful, meaty roles she has played! She told The Guardian: “I’m just too petrified to watch horror films!” But goes on to say “I look for challenging work, and this was so complicated, layered, dense and honest. And unusual. It felt really original, even on the page. That’s what I hope for in life.”  This self-knowledge will also trickle over into your everyday life. If you know you are not a good morning person, pack your car the night before for your big roadtrip. If you are more introverted, invite a friend as your plus one to the big networking event to give you a boost of confidence. We are happy and honored to be a part of your self-knowledge journey at Shari Shaw Studios.

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