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“Serious art is born from serious play.” ― Julia Cameron, The Artist’s Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity


“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ―  Pablo Picasso


“Learn to live your life—there’s no recipe for it. You can’t go to acting school to learn to be a deep person with a lot of experience to draw from; you can only become that person by feeling, by getting hurt, by feeling incredibly happy, by seeing the world; those are the things that make you richer as a person and give you a much bigger bank to draw from when you bring characters to life.” —Pablo Schreiber

If you are feeling uninspired or sluggish a great way to reignite the creative spark is to think about what art you have been consuming lately.  Just like how the food you eat impacts your body, what art you absorb impacts your creativity.  Reality television shows are comparable to junk food.  Delicious and okay in moderation.  But if you are spending countless hours binging it’s another story.  Shows like Succession, Ozark, and Queen Sugar will give you artistic, nutrition-filled fuel.  Take a moment to consider what your viewing balance has been lately and adjust if necessary.  Author Caitlin Kunkel actively tracks what she is reading, watching, and seeing to make sure she stays on track with her writing.  So if you are feeling off artistically, let’s find some art that speaks to your soul.

Meaningful art surrounds us, no matter where you are located.  Here in Los Angeles consider going to the new Academy Museum or the Getty.  Find a local museum in your city.  Go on a hike.  Watch some award season movies such as The Lost Daughter or West Side Story.  Read a good book.  Remind yourself of all the beauty in the world.  Julia Cameron in The Artist’s Way advocates for making this a weekly practice called artists dates.  Making time to experience great art will deepen your own artistic practice.  It’s up to you to expand your artistic life.  Don’t forget you are artistic warriors, fighting the good fight.  But never fear, it’s okay to eat some potato chips every now and then.

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