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Your Creative Treasure Chest

“The reason why you want to tell stories on the page and live character’s lives is because you have so much to tell about yourself.” – Shari Shaw, The Positive Path for Actors


Your creative treasure chest is yours and yours alone. Your experiences have only been felt in your unique way by you thus creating a treasure trove of creativity you can use. You hear people say, “write what you know” and as an actor let’s “create with what you know.” 


So what’s in your emotional treasure chest? What experience of emotion can you pull into a scene for your character to bring it alive? 


Remember that you are special. You’re different. And pulling up those emotions, especially when they seem dark and you don’t want to relive them again, can be challenging. But it’s a commitment to the craft—your craft—and a way for you to express who you are through a character’s story. Expressing who you are—we believe—is one of the great values of life. 


It’s a bold life—expressing yourself—but the magic and healing that comes from it? Well, there’s nothing else like it. 


Practice diving into your treasure trove of emotion in class or in coaching. When you get an audition last minute and you’re down to the wire, you’ll need to be able to pull from the chest and drop in immediately. We’re here to help you do just that. Find a class right for you at

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