First Day: Learn The Shari Shaw Comedy Method

This on camera comedy class will teach professional actors how to specifically prepare for their comedy film and television auditions with ease and the needed steps to ‘finding your funny” adding your isms’ being free in the work, having fun and booking like crazy!
Derek Thelar
Tommy Savas
Bre Blair
Freddy Rodriques
Roselyn Sanchez
Anna Ortiz
Matt Cedeno
Eric Winter
Laura Bell Bundy
You don’t think you can do comedy…well think again! I challenge you to take this one day workshop and see how funny you can truly be!

Second Day: Learn The 7 Secrets to Detailing and Visualizing Your Dramatic Film & Television Auditions

This on camera class is for professional actors who want to dedicate themselves to the process and be bold and free in their work. Put your secrets and sexuality into your work.
Telling a clear cut story with emotional detail to every line that you say.
Don’t get stuck on the lines. Learn how to create images that will free you from getting “into head”
Be the most creative and riveting story teller that you can be while always being truthful to each moment.
Effective Memory Work
Learn how to layer your work.