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Wisdom from the Greats can see you through.

“Acting has that little fatality in it that you might not pull it off. You could fail horribly here. And embracing that uncertainty is actually the creative process. That’s what gives you the juice to go. And if it doesn’t scare you, then don’t do it. Even as you get older, that’s still there.’ – Nick Nolte

Wisdom from the greats in our industry is great from those you admire, but we might say those who have been around the block a time or two may hold even more wisdom than our favorite young(er) actors. Point being, who’s an older actor who has a long career you admire? Chances are they’ve encountered quite a bit and can help you hone in on the important things.

After visiting some friends, I found a great coffee table book titled “Wisdom” by Andrew Zuckerman. Quotes from the likes of Robert Redford, Nick Nolte, Dame Judi Dench, Yoko Ono, Vanessa Redgrave, Clint Eastwood and many others from other industries, shared their biggest lessons in life and key takeaways from their industry.

This was such a great (and quick) read. It left an impression and was meant to share.

“Nothing excited me more than being inspired by a new creative idea.” – Robert Redford

What we can learn from this wisdom from the greats are little snippets that encourage our WHY–our WHY being the love we have for acting. What’s a new creative idea that gets you motivated? Are you being open to new creative ideas?

From the Nick Nolte quote above, do your dreams scare you? If not, what would be a dream that does scare you?

“I feel that I am constantly learning, in every single thing I’ve ever done.” – Dame Judi Dench

This one may be my favorite. Even though you’ll get better and better at your craft, there will always be lessons to have–and definitely in every thing you do. These lessons build our strength and resilience as an actor. They get added to your repertoire of experiences you can use in your craft. It’s like a two-in-one situation! As an actor, you are always a student. Even as a teacher, I learn from all of my students as well because everyone brings in their own unique choices to the work.

Take these lessons or find your own from those who have gone before you. Take the wisdom from those you admire, the little snippets, and use them as a tool to help you focus and keep your eye on the prize, ie. your big dreams!

We’re all about the dreams lately, as the end of one year and beginning of the next will bring you. This is the time to reflect, reassess, reignite, get focused, and make a plan to go for it!

As always, we’re here for you at the studio to help you rock your plan and make those big dreams happen!

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