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Mon, Jan 09, 2017

Happy New Year, my amazing Shari Shaw Studios community! Classes are back up and running, I just returned from a very successful workshop with my amazing Atlanta students and we are excited that pilot season is underway!

So, I recently came across a quote from actor Daniel Radcliffe that really resonated with me. In an interview he said: “There’s no blueprint for where I should be. I see myself as a young, good actor who still has a lot to learn. There’s nobody at any point in their career who is the finished article.”

While I believe Daniel is talking about where he “should be” as far as his skill as an
actor, I shared this because I find that many actors tend to think they should be further along in their careers as well.

Perhaps they believe they need a bigger agency, better roles to come there way, or maybe they are still trying to break in. Actors can spend so much time obsessing over where they are NOT, that they forget to be grateful for where they ARE. Look around you and realize what you have. Take stock of the good in your life. Write it down every morning when you wake up. Breath it in. Enjoy it. And know that you are exactly where you are meant to be in your career right now.

Once you accept this, you can move forward with your studies as an actor. And these studies will never be over as long as you keep on the artistic path. You will forever learn, forever become better, and forever be exactly where you should be. I promise.


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