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You might be one of those actors who believes that comedy isn’t for you. Well, now is the time to stop that thinking. I believe everyone can do comedy; it’s just a muscle that you need to train! People love comedy and need comedy because life is hard, and we all want to feel uplifted and let go of the stresses of life with a good laugh.

One of the most important things to remember when you approach a comedy script is that the comedy emerges through the element of surprise. As a performer, this is about leading your audience down a path, then surprising them with something else altogether. This surprise is about juxtaposition, and it can present itself in a few different ways; the sound of your voice, a laugh, a cry, or something physical like a trip, stumble or slap.

Also, remember, it can be nerve-wracking to allow yourself to be silly and outlandish, but if you’re unable to laugh at yourself and let your walls down, then neither will your audience. So, if you can laugh at yourself, then others can too!

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