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Figuring out what your character wants is one thing; once you’ve sorted that out, you must discover how you will go about getting it.  In most interactions, humans end up resorting to multiple methods or tactics in order to get what they want.

Just for the sake of example, imagine the most manipulative person you know.  What are all the ways they go about getting what they want from people, situations, and circumstances?  Sometimes they flirt, sometimes they yell; sometimes they act like it’s no big deal, and sometimes they act like it’s the end of the world.  Sometimes they try each of these things throughout the course of one interaction simply because they haven’t yet gotten what they want!

To translate this human characteristic to your acting work, we recommend the use of adverbs.  Adverbs are descriptors that end in -ly, and they describe how, or in what manner, a person does a thing.  Sweetly, cunningly, lazily, angrily.  The foundation you will have laid in getting to know your character will help inform which adverbs you choose and therefore determine the ways you strive to achieve your goal in the scene.

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