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There’s Time Management, then there’s Priority Management

By August 16, 2021August 30th, 2021Inspiration

Last-minute auditions are part of the job description, but sometimes when the call comes in for the one you’ve really had your heart set on, chemical reactions in the brain can make it seem a bit more complicated than that.  Do your best to stay calm!  Take some deep breaths, and if you can muster it, pause for a moment of gratitude – this is what you asked the universe for, and it was given to you!


Once you have gotten past the initial shock, you must realize that your primary calling and devotion is to your artistry.  Put on your creative thinking hat and figure out solutions to whatever problems or hurdles you’re perceiving, such as needing to move your schedule around.  Commit to one focused hour with the script and work on the material.  Protect yourself and your work by actually spending the full hour working the material no matter what – learn it inside out, and shade it in with the character’s thoughts and actions.  And don’t forget:  enjoy this opportunity to live your dreams!

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