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The universe hears you.

It wants you to win. But you must show that you want your dreams too.


“When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” — Paulo Coelho

“If we would just take a moment to look around, we would find that the universe is in constant communication with us.” — Alexandria Hotmer


…you must show that you want your dreams too. What do we mean by that? You must show the universe that you want your dreams to happen by taking action towards making them happen!

As tempting as it is to sit back and say, “I did the audition, why didn’t I book the job?” or “I went to class, where is my Oscar?” A little dramatic maybe, but the truth is there. We have to keep going. Keep showing up and showing the universe that we are here, we’re committed to the work, we’re committed to making our dreams happen.

…we’re committed to making our dreams happen.

The universe wants to help and it does so by an audition popping up. It shows up by providing a connection between you and a casting director. It provides you a lesson learned in class. And while these things or instances my seem trivial and small, what if that audition showed a casting director something they loved, loved you and then calls you in for something a year from now that you book? What if that one lesson in class gave you the tool you needed for a character you were struggling with but knew that the role was meant for you and by doing that, sharing that lesson in your work, you did book the job that led to a series regular on a hit show?

By working in tandem with the universe, you are only setting yourself up for success. And why not have an extra hand in making your dreams happen, right? Why not be positive and move forward through every up and down and in-between?

The universe hears you.

And it hears what you want, so speak your dreams into the world by showing that you came to play. You came to win and have fun and live fully into the things that drive you and make you feel alive!


And that’s exactly what we do at Shari Shaw Studios. We want to help the universe help you! Help you, help the universe! It’s all a cycle and we’ve seen the universe come together to help actors one too many times to ignore it.

We like to say we are the positive place for actors. We always look at any struggle as what it is, and then turn it into a positive. How can we learn from it? How can we grow from it? Because at the end of the day, that’s what makes you a better actor. Sign up for any of our online classes, in-person classes, bootcamps, etc. We are here for YOU! Email us at

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