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Be consistent in bringing your winning personality alongside your top-notch acting skills to auditions, and people will remember you.  Think of your audition as an opportunity to book the room.  Show up with your scene in tip-top shape, and let everyone in the room see what a delightful person you would be to work with.  Come prepared, take direction gracefully, and enjoy the experience of performing your piece before a live audience.


Even though not every audition goes exactly according to plan or practice, you can still figure out how to be relaxed with yourself and confident.  Find the grounding and/or relaxation techniques that work for you.  But know this:  perfection is not expected – nor is it even that interesting, to be perfectly candid!  Let your goal be to make friends and fans in the room regardless of whether they cast you in that specific role.  With each audition, you’re building their desire to work with you as they come to know your high standards for your work as well as your consistent, confident, relaxed personality.

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