Nadine Velazquez

Series regular ‘THE SIX’

“Shari is my super coach and she makes me feel like a superhero.”

Micky Dolenz


“I would never dream of going out for an audition, be the part big or small, or working up a character without first going to Shari for coaching. She has a magical way of distilling the essence of the character and form fitting it to my personality and skill set. And she does it with great subtlety and intuition.”

Pamela Fryman

Director/Producer “Merry Happy Whatever” “One Day At A Time” “How I Met Your Mother”

“I look forward to working with actors who have worked with Shari Shaw – they have talent, confidence and do their homework.  It makes my job easier and more fun!”

Mark Wilding

Executive Producer “Good Girls” “Scandal”

“I’ve seen Shari in action with her students a number of times. She’s a delight to watch. She’s straightforward, yet constructive in her criticism. She’s also super encouraging when she talks about an actor’s life. If I were an actor — I’m not, it’s way too hard — I’d feel as if I were in great hands.”

Derek Theler | Shari Shaw Studios | Best LA Acting Teacher

Derek Theler

Series Regular ‘Baby Daddy’

“Shari has the ability to make the most out of my time.  After working with her during weekly classes, specific audition coaching and self taping, I always feel much more confident after our sessions.  She is great at helping me make the best choices to bring the character to life, and still make it my own.  I would recommend her to any of my actor friend who want to learn to make the interesting choice and book the job.”

Lisa Loeb

Grammy Award Winning Singer-Songwriter/ Writer/ Actress “Fuller House” “Teachers”

“I love working with Shari Shaw. She helps me take apart the script, reflect on myself and bring my energy where it needs to be. Shari has given me the tools to focus my mind and body while staying positive in a field that can wear hard on you. She reminds me to circle back to why I’m doing it in the first place and have a positive attitude that’s real.”

Roselyn Sanchez

Series Regular ‘Devious Maids’, ‘Without A Trace’, ‘Grand Hotel’

“I truly enjoy coaching with Shari before an audition.  Her pointers and breakdown of character are always helpful.  Plus she like to run the material with you endlessly which really prepares you to be comfortable, focused and ready to go.”

Laura Bell Bundy

Series Regular ‘Hart of Dixie’, ‘Anger Management’

“Shari Shaw really is my third eye.  She helps make all my choices more specific and sharp.  Shari’s positive energy and process keep you calm and sharp.  Shari rocks!”

Eric Winter

Series Lead ‘The Rookie’

“I’ve been working with Shari for a few years now.  She’s taken my auditioning to the next level.  I break down the script, create great back story, and I’ve been nailing it every time in the room.  It’s taken me on to booking jobs.  So, let me tell you: Shari rocks!”

Freddy Rodríguez

Series Regular ‘Bull’, ‘The Night Shift’

“Shari Shaw is like a sparring partner for me.  Like Mike Tyson and Lennox Lewis would have a great sparring partner, that’s what she is for me.”

Ana Ortiz

Series regular ‘Ugly Betty’

“Working with Shari Shaw has allowed me to be more specific in my storytelling and has brought back so much joy to the process”

Tommy Savas

Series Regular ‘State of Affairs’, ‘The Last Ship’

“Working with Shari has increased my booking rate exponentially.  Her ability to work with each individual actor and get their best possible performance is invaluable.  I would recommend her to any actor looking to take their craft to the next level.”

Amy Acker

Series Regular ‘The Gifted’

“Shari is awesome!  It’s so nice to see her and then leave feeling like you are going to get the job.”

Danielle Macdonald

Starring in ‘Dumplin”, ‘Paradise Hills’

“Shari is amazing!  She helps you look at a script and really find the comedy that works for you so it’s really genuine and authentic”

Olivia d’Abo

‘Code Black’, ‘Psych’, ‘Elementary’

“Shari Shaw is an absolute muse for actors.  I’ve been blessed to have her come back into my life.  It is really her own.  By aligning who I am today with my craft in the most visceral way, I trust her every suggestion and her deep, clear, distinctive take on the life of a character.  It is a language no one else speaks to me.  She is unique and passionate about her craft, and it’s infectious!”

Max Adler

Series Regular ‘Glee’

“Working with Shari is a phenomenal tool I highly recommend for any actor of any level.  Especially one who may want to focus on comedy and sitcoms.  As many of us might say, comedy is much more difficult than drama.  Shari teaches you that the ‘truth always wins out.’  She gets your work to a hilarious point and you still believe every second of it.  Highly recommend!”

Satya Bhabha

Recurring in ‘Sense8’

“Working with Shari is great.  She is adept at finding where the actor and the script overlap, and working that character until it’s really integrated into the performance.  Her efficient, friendly and detailed process always helps whether for an audition or for a self-tape.”

Christina Ochoa

Series Regular ‘Valor’, ‘Animal Kingdom’, ‘Blood Drive’

“Shari has been instrumental to my growth as an actor, to booking roles and walking confidently into the audition room with specific choices and grounded performances.  She had an uncanny ability to break down material in concise, spot on and interesting ways, giving each performance an added distinctive feel and depth.  She helps make each read memorable.”

Nick E. Taraby

Starring in ‘Star Trek: Into Darkness’, ‘Pacific Rim: Uprising’

“Shari is hard-nosed, demanding and no nonsense when it comes to coaching actors.  She has a unique way of always being positive while also pushing an actor to grow, improve and discover every nuance in a character and audition.”

Jen Lilley

Series Regular ‘Days of Our Lives’

“Shari Shaw is honest, insightful and worth every penny!  She doesn’t waste any time, diving right in to the heart of each scene, helping actors craft bold, standout performances.”

Salvator Xuereb

‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, ‘Baskets’, ‘Teen Wolf’, ‘Justified’

“Shari Shaw is a generous, encouraging and enthusiastic acting coach and teacher.  I’ve studied and coached with many teacher over the years, and Shari Shaw is by far my favorite (go-to coach) when I have big auditions.  She has a love for acting that is infectious.  She has the rare gift to be able to find the key to unlock the best actor in you.”

Katrina Law

Series Regular ‘Arrow’, ‘Training Day’

“It was entirely because of Shari’s tireless efforts and carefully crafted classes, filled with support, that I was able to bridge the gap between the comedy in the page and natural funny lying within me.  I wholeheartedly encourage any serious actor to take the time and make the effort to study with Shari Shaw.”

Matt Cedeño

Series Regular ‘Power’, ‘Z Nation’

“I’ve worked with Shari for a number of years and what I appreciate most is her direct, no fluff approach to getting down to business and breaking down a scene and character.  She has an uncanny ability to be so very specific with every spoken word, as well as unspoken, and articulate in a way that resonates true with my own instincts.  And with comedy: jus’ foget about it!”

Charlene Amoia

‘American Horror Story’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘General Hospital’

“Shari has been my go-to audition coach for years.  If I don’t have enough time to prepare, I know I can go to her and I’ll walk out the door feeling like I’m going to book the job.  She has believed in my in times that I didn’t believe in myself, and her coaching and encouragement has made all the difference in my career.”

Sarah Jane Morris

Series Regular ‘The Night Shift’

“I am so happy I ‘found’ Shari.  I was feeling in a rut and losing confidence, and Shari really got me to dig deep into the work and feel supported and prepared for auditions and jobs.  I’m stepping outside my comfort zone doing comedy, but it has made my dramatic work that much deeper, and I just trust her and feel relaxed and comfortable under her guidance.  Excited to see what is next for me as I work with Shari!”

Marla Sokoloff

‘Fuller House’, ‘Grey’s Anatomy’, ‘The Fosters’

“Shari has completely changed the way I approach a role.  Her technique is literally a gift from the acting gods.  Over the years, she has given me confidence and faith – two things that are easily lost in this business.”

Chris Reed

‘Justified’, ‘Sons of Anarchy’, ‘The Big Bang Theory’

“Shari Shaw has been a tremendous asset for me since I began working with her.  I began using her as an audition coach, but found our sessions so productive that I soon enrolled in her classes as well.  She is clear and creative in her adjustments and I always feel better about my work once she has seen it.  I am happy to recommend her services to anyone who wants to become a better actor.”

Quinton Aaron

Starring in ‘The Blind Side’, Recurring on ‘Gods of Medicine’

“I love working with Shari Shaw.  She’s amazing, funny and super talented.  She knows her stuff and I enjoy her class.”

Bre Blair

‘Life Sentence’, ‘Lethal Weapon’, ‘S.W.A.T.’, ‘Shameless’

“What I love about Shari’s class is that you get to work every single week.  All the work in class is really inspiring and she’s just given me tool through her ‘Effective Memory’ and ‘Day In the Life of Character’ that have really made me become a better actor and enjoy what I do.  She’s awesome.”

Assaf Cohen

Starring In ‘American Sniper’, ‘Fast and Furious’

“Shari has helped me tremendously with my audition technique.  At my agent’s suggestion, I started coaching with her, and my booking ratio increased substantially.  Her style is supportive, smart and brutally honest.  Sometimes she’ll overhaul my read completely and sometimes just a tweak or two.  She knows what she’s doing.   My only regret is that I wish I started working with her earlier.”

Robin Thomas

‘Law & Order True Crime’, ‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’, ‘Transparent’

“Shari is a blessing to all actors, from neophyte to seasoned pros.  Her coaching is smart, direct, tasteful and incisive.  Shari gets it!  She understands what it is to be present:  with energy, focus and relaxation, with a wonderful sense of humor, respect and deep knowledge of what works.  Run, don’t walk to this wonderful coach.”

Ethan Erickson

‘Anger Management’, ‘Castle’, ‘Melrose Place’

“Shari’s specific direction and insight consistently help me with honing in on the life of a character – she’s my ace in the whole.”

Robinne Lee

‘Fifty Shades Freed’, ‘Fifty Shades Darker’, ‘Hotel for Dogs’, ‘Seven Pounds’

“I am continuously impressed by Shari’s ability to bread down sides and make a scene come to life.  I am consistently awed by her skill – the results are immediate.  She is a master at teaching of getting you off of the page and into your body.  Shari can find the funny in anything and is wonderful at helping you identify your strengths and expand them, so regardless of the material, the work becomes uniquely yours.  Few coaches are as skilled in the audition process as Shari Shaw.”

Lisa Vidal

Starring in ‘Star Trek’, Series Regular in ‘Rosewood’, ‘Being Mary Jane’

“Shari is a dynamic teacher who able to tap into your thinking as an actor and communicate an exact picture of how to find our character and purpose in a scene.”

Diego Serrano

‘Valor’, ‘Insecure’, ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’, ‘Ray Donovan’

“Shari has really helped my confidence as an actor – specifically by helping me break down the character and allowing me to shine through the life of the character.”

Jason Dohring

Recurring in ‘iZombie’, ‘The Originals’, ‘Veronica Mars’

“Shari is just funny and she knows what’s funny.  Working with her has helped me tremendously broaden my comedy range.”

Patty McCormack

Starring in ‘The Master’, ‘Frost/Nixon’

“Every actor needs Shari Shaw in their corner.  She’s a wonderful coach.”

Hillary Tuck

‘Grimm’, ‘Franklin & Bash’, ‘Necessary Roughness’, ‘The Mentalist’

“Shari has this talent to, very quickly, zero in on the strengths and weaknesses in your work as an actor.  She the teaches you how to showcase the strengths and conquer the weaknesses in a direct, digestible way.  The bottom line is Shari gets it done.  My booking rate almost doubles when I coach with her.  I almost don’t want anyone to know about her so then there will be more work for me!”

James Kyson

‘Preacher’, ‘Elementary’, ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders’

“Shari is one of my favorite coaches.  She helps you bring the truth in comedy.  Encouraging yet honest, she challenges you to be your best.”