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Most actors will read a script and immediately jump into an analysis of how they think they should say their lines. While I’m not telling you to totally ignore this instinct, however, you must put the assumptions aside. The first step, before anything, is to figure out how your character fits into the scene, how they serve the other character in the scene, and vice versa.

So to avoid snap judgments, start by reading the scene three or four times aloud, focus on everything – not just your character so you can really get present with the material. Pay attention to the broad strokes so you can better understand how all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Make sure you have an idea of the relationship between all of the characters in the scene. Who is driving the scene? Is it your character or another? How does your character push or feed the story?

Once you’ve done this detective work and the writer’s vision is completely clear to you, then you can move on to beautifully sculpt the words written on the page through your personal quirks to create sparkling behavior!

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