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“Self-promotion isn’t about getting ahead; it’s about sharing things that inspire and motivate others.  I can promote what I’m doing every day with ease and joy.”

By March 1, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

Think of self-promotion as a form of content creation (even if/when you get to self-promote in person again).  It can help to approach self-promotion objectively, removing your personal emotions about yourself, your projects and whatever self-consciousness you might have.  Spin your self-promotion from an unselfish perspective:  how can sharing about what you’re doing today benefit your community, followers, buyers, and/or friends?

If you’re working on an emotionally-charged scene, maybe you post a screen grab and write a caption about some of the key emotions you’ve been exploring for the role, inviting others to explore their own emotions and life experiences.  Maybe you decide to open up about your own Hero’s Journey, where you’re at lately, and what you’ve done to stay optimistic in trying times.  Another wonderful, simple way to add value and elevate those in your circles is to practice gratitude – by posting about something beautiful that brightened your day and expressing gratitude for it, you might often inspire others to recognize things in their life that they can be grateful for, too.

When you approach self-promotion from a place of desiring to offer a service or add value to someone who encounters you/your post, you should feel whatever self-consciousness you might have shifting to other-consciousness.  Focus your attention on the ability and potential for you, your product, your essence, your unique identity and perspective to really enhance someone else’s life and wellbeing.  Focus on sharing the things that inspire and motivate you and/or the things that bring you ease and joy in your journey.

Self-promotion is a way to assert your value and contributions to the world in whatever way feels most uniquely you.  Work in your values, quirks and isms.  Be bold and joyful in sharing yourself.  Let the world in on what’s so special about you as you build up those around you by sharing inspiring content featuring… wonderful, radiant YOU!



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