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“Rejection is protection; I can accept a letdown because I know it’s an opening for other possibilities.”

By May 3, 2021May 11th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

How many times have you heard the story about a now-successful actor looking back on how they would train, audition, coach, audition so consistently only to not book, not book, almost book, and then have it fall through; they’re ready to pack up and go home, but one last audition comes in, and POW!  That “one last audition” goes down in history as their breakout role.


Let’s call it what it is – rejection is protection from the Universe.  We must learn to trust the concept:  “What is for me will not pass me.”  Of course, you must also hold up your end of your bargain with Life.  For an actor, that likely means being diligent and consistent with creating, training, auditioning, and relationship-building (including building up your relationship with and knowledge of yourself).


Show up daily, do your best work, and smile for a job well done.  Celebrate your amazing self, knowing that what is absolutely meant for you is right around the corner!

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