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Monday, April 16th, 2018

“Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently.”
-Henry Ford

This quote really struck me this week as I was helping a client maneuver through a perceived failure. She had auditioned for a guest star and had been called back. Then, she was pinned but did not end up getting it. The following week, she was called in for the same casting director for another guest star and pinned but, again, did not get it. The feedback was the same on both roles: “We really love her but this just wasn’t her role.”

When I spoke with her she was in a bad place. She felt as though she did everything she could on both roles. She coached, did her homework, went to bed early the night before etc. So, I asked her if she had done anything different with the second audition that she’d learned from the first. After some thought, she said that at the first audition she may have let the waiting room energy throw her. So, for the second audition she purposely wore headphones in the waiting room. Brilliant! I applauded her ability to learn from the first audition but she responded, “But I got the same result with both. I failed at both so why does it matter?” Of course, you know my response…


Sure, she didn’t book either role but the fact that she had used information she learned in the first audition to help herself in the second was GOLD! What she learned (“Don’t let the waiting room energy throw you”) was invaluable and will stay with her the rest of her career. She then admitted that not only did the headphones give her a sense of power in the second audition, but it changed her energy going into the room and made for a better experience. So, I asked her if there was anything she’d want to work on for her next audition. Together we decided that in her next audition she would adjust her mindset to one of openness to the possibilities of making relationships, showing off her work and letting go of results.

Once she was able to reframe her perceived “failure” as a win, there has been no stopping her. And the following week (like clockwork) she changed her mindset, her energy shifted, and she allowed the magic to happen in her next audition. Happy to report, she is currently in Vancouver shooting a fabulous guest star!

No one books every role, wins every prize, achieves every goal. But, if you can take careful stock after a loss, you will find so many lessons that will help you succeed in the future. I promise!

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