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Every human being and experience is unique, so learn not to take your life up to this point for granted.  By living the life you have lived thus far, you already have access to so much character and relationship inspiration.  You have access to all kinds of feelings (emotional and physical), relationships, situations, obstacles, tactics, and goals.  Reflecting on and taking inventory of your life experiences helps propel you forward in your acting career – this is what we mean at the studio when we talk about transforming your “Pain Pit” into your “Power Pit.”

There are undoubtedly certain things that you know experientially that others have no grasp of.  Use this to your advantage!  Let the unique composition of your personal character, relationships, circumstances, and challenges inform and invigorate the character choices you make in your acting work.  Use what you know deep in your bones from your own personal experience to lift the words off the page and bring your characters to life in the way that only you can.

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