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Monday, March 5, 2018

You’re not going there to get a job. You’re going there to present what you do.” —Bryan Cranston on auditioning

I just love this quote. Because that’s what this is. right? Auditioning? Callbacks? Testing? You are going there to show them what it is that YOU do. No one else’s version, other than your own.

Let’s get a little more micro with this, shall we?

You get the sides and breakdown. You read all the material thoroughly and from there, begin to make lots of decisions about the character. Most importantly, how you are going to bring yourself to the role: your voice, your personality, your “isms”. Your version of a cop, doctor, teacher, lawyer etc. Then, you work, you blend, you create a performance that you are proud of, making sure to remain loose and playful enough so you can be open to adjustments in the room. Then, you bring it into the office with the attitude of “Here’s how I do this role! Pretty cool, eh?” And scene! That’s where your job ends. You’ve shown them your product and it’s time to move on. You cannot control whether you book the job, so stop trying to!

And that is really what the business of acting is. Showing off your stuff and moving onto the next one. If you begin to see your auditions this way, your stress levels will lower, your vice like grip on results will loosen, and your general happiness will elevate. I promise.


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