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Monday, November 20, 2017

Simply put, acting is communicating words on a page. And depending on the author, these words can be used to move, shock, entertain, challenge, scare, embolden, or bring joy to an audience. This communication is rooted in emotion, thought and physicality. Finding the freedom, flow and balance between these three elements is the eternal challenge of the actor.

I want to take a moment to focus on the physical. We, as humans, are built to make sound. It is the quickest way we can express ourselves. We can also express ourselves with physical movements, gestures, and facial expressions. Acting is utilizing our entire physical being to express the inner life of the character. To do this, one must have in their grasp a voice and body that is capable of easily expressing their intentions. This means an ever-accessible fluidity free from tension or tightness. A physical looseness and vocal range that allows the actor to create new and exciting characters quickly and easily. And how does one achieve this level of physical mastery? Simply taking time every single day to work on your instrument. Being in acting class, taking voice lessons, practicing breathing exercises, working out, stretching, mediation, yoga, dance class. Doing whatever you need to do to make sure your physical channel is always open so when you get an opportunity, you are in flow and ready to play.

One does not walk over to a piano and immediately know how to play. You begin with basic scales and eventually, with diligent, tireless work, you can master more complex music, and eventually the piano becomes second nature, an extension of who you are inside. You can play in a multitude of ways and under any circumstance and it looks effortless. As an actor, your body IS your instrument. One you will forever be honing.

This is what I wish for you. To continue working hard. To take the words on a page, filter them through your physical being and communicate a story in your own special way, as only you can tell it!


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