You are in New York, home to Broadway and the best theatre in the nation.  But what about TV and Film?  NOT A PROBLEM.  The Shari Shaw Technique will teach you to take your own uniqueness and apply that to any type of role.  From sitcom to film, we give you the tools to break into the story of each script with layered, rich characters from your specific individuality.

All classes work on current material to keep up to date with the trends of this ever-changing industry.

Come find your “isms” at Shari Shaw Studios.


Wednesdays, 7:00pm – 10pm (Ongoing) with Jackie Debatin
$325 for 4 consecutive classes

Each class begins with Shari’s relaxation and focusing techniques followed by a goal-setting discussion. Then each student works on-camera, one-on-one with the coach. All scenes are viewed and discussed at the end of class. We mix up the format weekly to keep students fresh and on their toes while always giving each student one on one attention as well as group camaraderie that we feel empowers story telling, and creates career and personal abundance.