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“My purpose outweighs my passion.”

By February 8, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News


Passion might get you far, but rest assured knowing that your purpose will not pass you by – especially if you’re actively and knowingly pursuing it.  Get in touch with your “why,” and hold fast to it.  Be brave, dive deep, and discover for yourself firsthand the purpose for which you exist, and the purpose with which you pursue acting.  Do not fear the bigness of your dreams nor doubt the importance of your purpose.  “You are a one-time mega event in the Universe – don’t waste it,” as Marie Forleo says.

Taking the time to discover, clarify, and put words to your purpose will empower that purpose to carry you through dark, boring, and uncertain times.  If auditions aren’t coming as regularly as you’d like or mastery feels just beyond reach, you can fortify yourself by revisiting your purpose.  Journaling, speaking about, and/or meditating on your purpose can also give you an extra boost when you’re already flying high, making great progress, booking tons of work, or whatever your definition of success is.

Passion waxes and wanes throughout life.  When it’s present, it gives everything a rosy hue and seems to fill the world anew with possibility – these are lovely times to go the extra proverbial mile.  When passion wavers, though, just take a moment to acknowledge the ebbs and flows associated with a creative life.  Agree to ride the waves.  Let the passion you feel carry you forward when it’s available, but when it’s not, you must decide to carry on anyway.  When passion feels too wispy or evasive to hold onto, ground into your purpose and keep on keeping on.

Your purpose will not waver or wane.  Your purpose is entwined with your very existence – it is impossible to separate you from it.  Do not shy away from facing and defining it.  Once you have explored and put words to your purpose, it will be your North Star in the night.  Calibrate to it, and allow everything else to fall into place in its perfect time.


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