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Monday, September 25, 2017

I recently had a student come to me saying he was feeling “off” artistically. Nothing in particular, just “off” overall. So, I asked him to check in with his mind, body, and craft to see if he could pinpoint where the issue was. I truly believe that when one is feeling imbalanced it is because their mind, body, and craft are not in harmony. So, let’s talk a little about mind, body, and craft, shall we?



Your mind is your most powerful tool. How you view your past, present, and future and how you see yourself in the world, all starts in your mind. It is so important to create a positive framework to see the world and yourself through so that negative thoughts can be released and positive thoughts can be deeply planted and take root. Within your mind is the power to change unhelpful thought patterns and replace them with new ones. Practicing mental positivity every day is important. It can just be you taking a few moments each morning to ground yourself, say (or write) what you are grateful for, and announce your positive intentions for the day to yourself (and the universe).



Anyone who knows me knows I am a huge believer in being in the best shape (for your body type) that you can be. This come simply through daily exercise and healthful eating. Exercise has been my morning ritual since I was 18 years old. I started this habit when I quit smoking and found it to be my new (healthy) addiction ever since. I found that when I trained an hour a day, I felt more powerful as an artist and as a person. It bled into all aspects of my life. I call it “core power.” That unstoppable feeling after you’ve sweated out toxins and feel you can take on the world. In order to be the most powerful person you can be, your core has to be strong.



When I say “craft” I am not only talking about the craft of acting, but all jobs that take passion, discipline, and diligence. Because the world is ever-changing, one’s profession must be studied constantly. Your craft as a lawyer, a teacher, an acting coach, an actor, a fireman, etc. Being curious about your craft is key. For actors, it’s about being in class, taking risks, reading scripts, exploring your voice, singing, dancing, whatever it is that gives you artistic freedom and allows you to be the best YOU, you can be.



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