Our studio has two arms: Scene Study and On-Camera Audition Technique. Both are equally important and mutually beneficial. In scene study, actors use Shari’s foolproof techniques (effective memory work, day-in- the-life of a character work and dramatic improv) to develop deeply grounded, three dimensional characters in fully staged scenes. In On-Camera Audition Technique, actors utilize Shari’s 7 steps and comedy technique to tell the story of the scene, make bold choices, bring themselves to the material, and book the job.

Individualized Relaxation – Open the mind and body to access deepest emotions. Get grounded, centered and focused. Break down the barriers, blocks and obstacles to creativity and expression.

Focused Improv – Explore the possibilities of the character’s life and relationships beyond the script. Discover unwritten circumstances and imaginary experiences before and after the story.

‘Critic ‘Exorcises’ – Eliminate the inhibitions, personal judgments and critical inner voices that sabotage auditions and performances. Free yourself to take risks without self-doubt and insecurities. Trust instincts and impulses.

Script Analysis – Discover the character’s purpose and motivation in the story. Make the right choices that fit the script. Avoid incorrect, self-indulgent decisions. Create actions that best serve the story.

The Private Moment – Use personal experience to enrich character development and layer emotional life. Explore private scenarios to create deeper, more captivating, interesting, intriguing and multi-dimensional characters.

A Day In The Life Of The Character – Use imagination to find new and interesting circumstances and obstacles that feed character development. Develop quirkiness, uniqueness, individuality and behavior that deepen the actor’s work.

Effective Memory – The most powerful technique an actor can master. Develops the actor’s most truthful, organic, moment to moment work. Shari has developed an acclaimed approach to this fundamental tool. Her renowned demonstration of Effective Memory Work has been seen on Bravo’s “Live From The Actors Institute”. This is the acting method that makes stars.

Comedy Technique

While Shari’s method is applicable to all genres, her specialty is comedy. She has a unique understanding of the art, science and performance of comedy. She has specific technique to guarantee you will be funny.

  1. Finding your “truth” in your comedy and raising the stakes.
  2. Understanding the reversals and the flips.
  3. Adding in your “isms” to your work.
  4. Defining your characters neurosis and bringing your own quirks to the the page.
  5. Learning the structure on the page. what the punctuations means and how to properly infuse it into your work.
  6. Raising the Stakes.


  • Structure is important and the freedom to play and celebrate in your comedy is crucial!
  • Find and understand the Set Up and Joke in each line and scene.
  • Apply your own personality to the material to give the most individual take.
  • The core differences between acting for comedy and drama.
  • Single camera comedy and 4 camera comedy.

Audition Technique

  • Shari’s specialized, easy-to-master, seven-step process:
  • Breaking down scripts & sides
  • Developing thoughts and relationships
  • Creating interesting, layered characters
  • Telling the story clearly
  • Knowing intention
  • Empowering confidence
  • Owning the room

In Summary

Combining principles and techniques learned from legendary coaches Lee Strasberg, Peggy Fuery, and John Lehne, years of on-camera experience as a working actor, more than 10 years as an acting coach, her own inspiring, high-energy personality, along with a remarkable talent for spot-on insights and analyses to adjust and fix an actor’s work, Shari has created an acclaimed approach to training today’s actors for TV, film and stage. She has also successfully translated these techniques into a focused, success-oriented approach to coaching Business Executives and all types Public Speakers and Performers.

  • Shari’s acclaimed method for Personal Preparation, Character Development, Script Analysis, Auditioning, and Scene Work has been lauded by actors, directors, producers, agents, managers, casting directors, network executives and scores of industry professionals with whom she regularly works:
  • Developing the Actor’s ability to instantly access their deepest emotions in order to give the most vibrant, textured and interesting performances possible.
  • Teaching the Performer to find and refine their Unique Personality and Voice.
  • Providing tools for Personal Preparation that deliver confidence, excellence and success.
  • Opening the mind and body to creativity and expression, challenging the imagination and eliminating boundaries and inhibitions.
  • Inspiring richer, more captivating, performances flowing from personal passion, power and truth.