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Your memories are rocket fuel to your work.

“Effective Memory is a powerful tool that helps infuse your performances with emotion. Your sensory work is what creates an emotional drive, which in turn creates a need which creates a strong drive in your performance. That visceral sense is what colors your lines with depth and meaning.”

What is the ONE acting skill you love to hate? Effective memory. And it’s because with this skill, this tool, you are most vulnerable. But as actors, we must be vulnerable in our work in order to give the role, the scene, even the other actors in the scene with us the depth and meaning necessary to get the job done and done successfully.

In our opinion, this tool is not to be missed BECAUSE it gives so much to your work. And you need all those colors in order for the scene to come alive.

And it’s hard to be vulnerable. To open yourself up and expose difficult feelings and emotions. Even happy ones sometimes!

That’s one reason why being an actor is so courageous.

Your memories are rocket fuel to your work. And if you’ve ever worried about finding a powerful emotion when you need it–in a scene, on set, in a showcase–effective memory has your back.

You will need to take it seriously, however. Because as such a pivotal tool in your actor toolbox, you can’t just read about it and think it’ll work. You need guidance, a safe space to work it, live in it, know when to begin and when to end so that you have a healthy relationship with bringing up your memories–both good and bad–to your work. Get in class and train. You’ll need about 10-15 memories that you can call on and we explore this in our classes.

Use this tool and use it to your advantage. If you haven’t explored Effective Memory before, you’ll be amazed at how therapeutic it is and how it is, undoubtedly, rocket fuel to your work.

Jump into our classes both in-person and online. We’re here for you on this extraordinary path you’ve chosen!

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