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Living life to its fullest every single day is the key to success.

By January 5, 2021January 25th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

Can you imagine how wild and wonderful your 2021 will be if you take the above approach from the get-go? The first Monday of 2021 is the perfect time to make a habit of asking ourselves each and every day, “How can I live my life to its fullest TODAY?” If you’re feeling ultra-adventurous, why not see how many times per day you can manage to ask yourself – and truthfully answer – that question?

Is there something you’ve been putting off day after day that would feel so good to finally get off your revolving to-do lists by finally just doing it? Is there something delightful you’ve been denying yourself, either for good reason or for no reason at all? When we begin to ask ourselves questions such as these more regularly, we will find pathways to our truest, most fulfilled selves. By definition of the words themselves, living your life to its fullest becomes your most fulfilled life.

A fulfilled life is achieved when we live every single day to its fullest. Whatever we do (or don’t) today becomes the stepping stones and building blocks for each of our literal tomorrows. Why not make today the absolute best it can be? Ask yourself what would define your “today” as the best it could possibly be. Then, fill it to its fullest with whatever answer resonates from within you – joy, productivity, connection, meaningfulness, action, intent, courage, newness, adventure… You alone get to decide your definition of success and living life to its fullest, so get to it! Design the life of your dreams, one day at a time!

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