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There are no bonus points awarded for those who struggle the most or have the hardest time.  Becoming a working actor does take drive and determination, passion plus practice, and some amount of time, whether that’s weeks or months, or years.  But there’s no need to force suffering and struggle upon yourself.  When you choose this path (or it chooses you), step back for just a moment to understand what that actually means in terms of practicality and logistics, and then forge onward to your destiny!  Don’t let the work and discipline needed weigh you down.  Let it help you feel prepared, free, and fully supported, carrying you forward on your journey.


Instead of cultivating a regular sense of struggle and suffering for your art, aim to cultivate joy and gratitude for this path before you.  Find things to be grateful for, excited about, and/or inspired by – maybe even keep a list of them.  Let those things capture your attention and guide your steps.  Follow your heart and allow yourself to feel positively about your life and career.  You really can do it, and struggling doesn’t have to be your throughline!

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