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As improv games also teach, a “yes” attitude makes so much possible.  The simple posture of “yes” opens doors and opportunities… That’s the nature of a “yes” attitude.  “Yes” wants to see what is possible and to do everything in its power to see those potentials actualize.

Keep your backbone and your sense of self, and all the while, never be afraid to say “yes.”  As you practice saying “yes,” you’ll see exactly how resilient and capable you are.  Your life is yours to live, and the power is in your hands to make things happen.

“Yes” fosters beautifully collaborative relationships as well as much-needed autonomy, especially in actors.  You can even practice saying “yes” to your own ideas and instincts.  Does an idea for an awesome character piece or short film occur to you?  Say “yes,” and get it on the page.  Explore all the possibilities that saying “yes” can open for you, and you’ll be amazed at what you find.

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