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“I am worthy of surrounding myself in a positive bubble of trustworthy people.”

By January 18, 2021January 25th, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

“I am worthy of surrounding myself in a positive bubble of trustworthy people.”

There are a lot of things beyond our control in the creative lives we live.  However, we must focus on the parts that we can control in order to find and maintain our success and sanity, and one very key piece of the puzzle that we have some control over is the people we choose to surround ourselves with.

Relationships can feel like a touchy subject, especially for creatives and empaths.  The people in our lives – especially those that have been with us for a long time – might seem like fixtures to which we could never dream of making adjustments.  And yet, sometimes, upon closer inspection, we might discover that crazy-makers, wet blankets and/or killjoys have been living undetected and unchecked right under our noses for a long time.  What then?

First we must recognize and acknowledge to ourselves, “I am worthy of surrounding myself with people who support, encourage, inspire, help and believe in me.”  Next, begin to observe and take note of interactions, conversations and/or situations that put a damper on your self-confidence, self-assurance, self-image, self-esteem, goals, dreams, etc.  Are there repeat offenders in the mix?  Is there someone who can’t seem to go even just one conversation without putting you down?  Do those closest to you lift you up and protect your dreams in your interactions, or do they behave jealously or spitefully? Maybe they don’t even mean to put you down, but the effect of their accidental impact is often unmistakable.

Once you’ve started becoming aware and taking inventory of your current relationships, it is time to speak forth what you wish for them to be, moving forward.  Some great ways to do this might involve prayer, meditation, visualization, journaling, or even confiding in a trusted, uplifting friend, family member, counselor or therapist.

As you continue noticing your current interactions and calling into existence the types of people and relationships you wish to surround yourself with, your way forward will become clear to you.  You will begin to know which boundaries should be set with whom, and even which ties to cut completely.  You will gain confidence in your decision-making and action steps.  You will begin to encounter more positive people as you clarify and make known your desires and intentions.  You will find positive people to stick with and build your bubble of trustworthy people, and you will find yourself becoming a positive, trustworthy force in the lives of those around you as well.

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