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Acting for you may start as a hobby–something you love. But when does it become your artistry?

Well, first, let’s ask…

What is considered artistry?

By definition, artistry and artistic ability is the cultivation of skills and talents honed toward creating fine works of art: painting, drawing, sculpting, musical composition, etc. In short: art is an original creation with the intention of sparking an emotion or response in the viewer, listener, etc.

 So when does your passion go from hobby to artistry?

When you get serious about developing the skills necessary to live purposefully within it. And as everything is relative, going from hobby to artistry is also when you find that you’ve placed a lot of meaning on something that makes you come alive.

If you find yourself not able to stop thinking about acting and how layered and complicated it can be, it fuels you to learn more, to be more of a serious actor. You find yourself taking acting classes, workshops, reading as many scripts or books as you can and how you develop all of these learnings and use them becomes your artistry.

Ask, “What can my art bring to the table? How can I make sure it has my stamp of uniqueness on the work?”

And though it may take some time, (and honestly, it should! This is your artistry we’re talking about here!), each experience you have, each teaching that you soak up, will influence your own unique artistry and your own unique craft of acting. So really, your work becomes artistry all along the way without you even noticing it.

But we want to challenge you TO notice it. When we compile that meaning we’ve put on it and actually think about it as an actual artistry, the game changes. You will automatically put even more significance on how you use your craft, what it means to you, how you go about your creative process.

So the next time you get a script, ask yourself, “What is/would my artistry do?” Does this change how you approach the work?

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