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Monday, December 11, 2017

Well folks, the holidays are upon us once again! Time for parties, delicious food, family, friends, and movie marathons galore. This is your time to unwind from a busy year, rest and re-set. And, of course, I have some tips to help you do this!

5. I was recently speaking with a long-time client who told me that on Christmas morning, before anyone wakes up, she goes for an early morning hike with her dogs. This really resonated with me as I find physical activity to be a cure-all and loved the idea of some solo-time before the onslaught of festivities. Whether it’s a hike, or if you know me, CardioBarre, take time to re-connect with yourself while moving your body, before jumping back into the holiday fray.

4.  Sleep. I cannot stress this enough. SLEEP. One of my studio members just got thrown an audition at 8pm at night for 9 am the next morning across town. After a 30 minute skype session with me, he was 100% good to go. I told him that he MUST go to bed, even though he was nervous about being memorized. I said, better for him to use the page and feel good, than be memorized and dead tired. Thankfully, he listened, got to bed, went in and booked the job! A good night’s rest is worth its weight in gold. So please, auditions or not, get some good sleep. Don’t even set an alarm! The holidays are the perfect time for this.

3. Give. The importance of giving is not just a holiday trope. This is a year-round thing. And it doesn’t have to be monetary giving. In fact, giving your time to a local charity that you are passionate about or listening whole heartedly to a friend in need might be the best thing you can give. Take advantage of this time off to really give of yourself in whatever way you can. The gratification you’ll receive in return in pretty mind-blowing.

2. Practice self-care. Been promising to treat yourself to a massage? Been wanting to take that yoga class but haven’t found the time? Been putting off listening to the latest episode of your favorite inspirational podcast? What better time than now to do it? While everyone’s eating their third helping of leftovers, get to it. Make yourself a priority and do what relaxes you. You’ve worked hard this year and you’ve earned this time for some self-care.

1. Be thankful to yourself. While I always feel it is important to be thankful to those around you who support and guide you, I hope you will take time to thank yourself for being exactly who you are. You get up every day and you try your best. You work. You study. You care deeply. You make mistakes and you learn from them. Thank your body for doing its job. Thank your mind for being creative. And thank you heart for guiding you on this path of life. Please take a moment to honor yourself for everything you do to make yourself a better you and make the world a better place.

Wishing you a fabulous holiday season! See you in 2018! Live life to the fullest!

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