STEP ONE:  The Consultation

1-on-1, you will meet with Shari.  As part of her technique is bringing your best, true self to the character, Shari wants to get to know who you are and your background for the first part of the session.

The second part of the consultation is scene work from a one-minute scripted scene which you have prepared.  This gives you a chance to get a feel for how Shari works and for Shari to see where you are in your artistic process.

Within this session, you will collaborate with Shari and see what aspects of your career need fine tuning.  As it’s not only about acting, it’s about knowing yourself inside-out and creating your successful artistic life.  To schedule your consultation, you can submit a studio form here, or call the office at (818) 505-1225.
Cost is $35

STEP TWO:  The Boot Camp

Welcome to Shari Shaw Studios!  Boot Camp is a 3 week intensive that introduces you to our process and the Shari Shaw Technique.
Week One:  Comedy method audition with Shari’s comedy worksheet.
Week Two: Drama work sheet and Shari Shaw’s Seven Steps to telling the most exciting and detailed story.
Week Three:  Scene Study layered with ‘Affected Memory” work and ‘Day-In-the-Life-of-Character’ work.
Boot camp is small and focused group to better give you the tools for success.
Cost is $290

STEP THREE:  The Ongoing

From the Foundation Class, through the Intermediate Class and into the Advanced and Master Scene Study, you will continue to grow as an artist and a person.  We build upon the material that you have learned from Boot Camp, as well as focusing on personal empowerment and goal-oriented business strategy.


Call the studio office for more information at (818) 505-1225