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Even pre-pandemic, Shari Shaw Studios has been a proponent of self-taping.  Preparing a self-tape can be a very freeing and flexible way to audition.  You get to take as much time and as many takes as you’d like, in order to bring forth your best work.  Proximity to casting offices and scheduling issues become much less of a hurdle, too.

Just as you will put time and effort into preparing your audition piece, you must also put forth some time and effort into understanding the tech.  A blue-grey backdrop is flattering for all skin types; clear sound and excellent lighting are also non-negotiables if you would have your tape (and work) presenting its best.

Let your work be present and layered, not pushed.  You can imagine as though the camera is one of your best friends/favorite people, and then just hang out with them.  No need to tense up or prove anything – just let your prepared piece of work speak for itself.  The lens brings you in close, so relax, be real, and feel your work shine.

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