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As actors and everyday people, we are questioned about our daily habits. Maybe that’s the reason why we are perfecting our craft in the first place. We are proving to ourselves and others that we are much better off doing what the status quo thinks we ought to. You are the one to shape your own journey.

In life, just like the waiting room for an audition, we tend to let our minds race. The longer we wait the more our subconscious overthinks and starts to make us nervous about our decisions.

Do NOT be afraid of failure!

It is a necessity. Mistakes, we all make them. We are bound to fail at some point, in time, and the more we fail… The quicker we learn.

Do NOT be inspired by self-doubt.

Whenever you go against the grain, there will be those who question your ability, leading you to self-doubt. Perhaps out of jealousy or their own fears! Listen to see what is said, consider their point if it is valid, but do not let doubt creep into your mind and sabotage your opportunities. Trust your gut.

The brain is powerful and has the potential to sneak into doubt and fear.

“Fear is only False Evidence Appearing Real! – Shari Shaw in “The Positive Path For Actors: How To Stop Second- Guessing Your Talent & Start Kicking A$$ In Your Career”

Do NOT be afraid of your own success…

What can stray us away most of the time is the fact we tend to overthink. Do we want the new responsibilities? Are we able to take on the obligations that come with success? The answer should always be yes! Remember we all deserve to be successful.

Before you go into that audition, or new venture ask yourself: How am I going to be the best I can be? You got this!

To understand your fear is the beginning of really seeing” -Bruce Lee



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