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If you have The Positive Path for ActorsHow to Stop Second-Guessing Your Talent & Start Kicking Ass In Your Career by Shari Shaw, you’ll have read these guidelines and many more to stay grounded as you rise to the top.


Staying grounded doesn’t mean that you can’t celebrate your wins, but it is a reminder that booking the job is not the end result, but just another starting line. A starting line where you get to grow again, challenge yourself, and push forward, always improving in your craft.


Keep focusing as you climb the ladder 

It becomes more than just the craft. You gotta be someone people like work with and enjoy being around. Your behavior will always affect your success and when you start by being a positive person, it will radiate to others around you. It may seem like the easiest thing in the world, but sometimes it can be difficult and you’ve got to keep going. And you CAN do it. It will make a difference in the long run.


All in all, celebrate booking the job! Then remember to stay grounded with a positive attitude as this is a step in the journey. We want a career, not a one-off experience. Use the guidelines above and the ones in The Positive Path to keep you focused.

You got this

Use the guidelines above, as well as the ones in The Positive Path by Shari Shaw which you can find here!


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