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It’s a great idea to get to know the show you’re auditioning for, and all the more so in the age of self-tapes.  When you do your homework, it shines through in your audition.  Even a simple Google search can give you valuable information.  It would also benefit you to make time to watch a few episodes if some of the show has already aired.  You can also search for previous works of the creators, producers, writers, and/or directors.  Familiarize yourself with the network airing the show as well.


Notice as much as you possibly can during your research phase, prior to diving into your audition sides.  Pay attention to the tone of the show, and make note of the way they tend to frame the types of role you’re auditioning for.  These might seem like tiny details, but once you’ve factored them all in, you will seem like the obvious choice because it will be easy for anyone watching to imagine you fitting flawlessly into the world of the show. You can make this happen!

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