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Desperation Doesn’t Serve

“Desperation is unsustainable.” – Cheryl Strayed

“Your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world…risk being seen in all your glory.”  – Jim Carrey

“Desperation is the perfume of a young actor. It’s so satisfying to have gotten rid of it. If you keep smelling it, it can drive you crazy. In this business, a lot of people go nuts, go eccentric, even end up dead from it. Not me.” – Uma Thurman


Desperation can be seen through the camera lens. Felt in the room. Felt through energy. Are you holding on to that energy of “pick me, pick me, pick me”?

If you’re desperate for a role because you think it will give you “everything you’ve always wanted.” Or, you’re desperate for the job because you need the money, these things can be felt and it’s dangerous to your psyche, your career and keeps you living in negativity.

And the way to combat desperation…

is simply to focus on the joy of what you do.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Finding even the smallest of joyful sentiments in your work (which shouldn’t be hard to find if you are an actor!) can take you past desperation. Take you so past it, that you don’t even think about it!

So, if you need money, set yourself up for success with a job that helps you pay the bills so that worry is out of the way and out of your mind. If you feel that this one job will be everything you’ve always wanted, take a step back and tell yourself that even if it’s not, you are doing your best and you LOVE what you do. Because landing that one job isn’t the end all-be all. You want to keep acting right? So there will be more and more roles that light your fire!

Desperation is the opposite of confidence, and being confident in your choices and your work is what we aim for. That confidence is found through joy and it will radiate through your energy and be infectious!

So leave desperation at the door. Say goodbye to it. You’ve got too much joy to experience.

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