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Connection to Humanity


“Don’t be an actor. Be a human being that works off what exists under imaginary circumstances.”
-Sanford Meisner

“I just think there is always room for humanity in acting, one can only hope, so when you bring in the whole life of a person that’s playing a character, then surprises happen and are allowed to happen, and so it makes it more interesting.” – Lisa Edelstein

Acting represents all that human beings experience, and if you want it to be ‘nice,’ you will never be a serious communicator of the human experience.” – Larry Moss


Connecting to a character’s humanity is connection to the feelings they experience in certain circumstances.


They can be deep and dark, light and fun, fleeting, energized, passionate–you name it. They are the feelings that human beings experience in whatever situation they are in. And as an actor, you get to choose those feelings. The text will give you the clues, but you get to make the human experience of your character however you like. And stand tall in those choices. Take risks in those choices. Play. Have fun. Bring the feelings that make the character–the human–come alive.

As all human beings are complicated and diverse, so are the feelings we experience. How would your feelings fit into your character’s situation? How would they be different?


This is your craft. Your artistry.

You are given tools, but it is you that controls how to use them to suit your work. Dive deep and explore the emotions that bring humanity to your characters. It’s that human connection that makes what we do so mesmerizing to watch.

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