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We do an exercise in our scene study classes here at the studio- it’s called the critic exercise. I feel it’s so important because everybody, artists and non-artists, has that inner critic. It’s that little voice inside them that depletes them of their self-power, self-love, and self-trust. So it sits there, and it adds negative thoughts into your body, and it can take place in different forms.

So the critic exercise is when you put a chair in the middle of your room, in your house, anywhere apartment outside, I don’t care. And I want you to imagine it Majin airily, put that critic in that chair. And I want you to tell it off. I want you to scream, yell, figure out who it is, and let them know they can no longer interfere with your thoughts, your energy, and instead, you’re going to replace it with the love of yourself.

The power you have as an individual, your desire to celebrate who you are with the words written for you, and the stories you’re going to tell. You’re going to do it with gusto and pizzazz and all your isms with a big, fat smiling heart of vulnerability. So say goodbye to that critic. Get out there and go for your dreams, no matter what. Because no one’s stopping you.

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