Individualized Relaxation – Open the mind and body to access deepest emotions. Get grounded, centered and focused. Break down the barriers, blocks and obstacles to creativity and expression.

Focused Improv – Explore the possibilities of the character’s life and relationships beyond the script. Discover unwritten circumstances and imaginary experiences before and after the story.

‘Critic ‘Exorcises’ – Eliminate the inhibitions, personal judgments and critical inner voices that sabotage auditions and performances. Free yourself to take risks without self-doubt and insecurities. Trust instincts and impulses.

Script Analysis – Discover the character’s purpose and motivation in the story. Make the right choices that fit the script. Avoid incorrect, self-indulgent decisions. Create actions that best serve the story.

The Private Moment – Use personal experience to enrich character development and layer emotional life. Explore private scenarios to create deeper, more captivating, interesting, intriguing and multi-dimensional characters.

A Day In The Life Of The Character – Use imagination to find new and interesting circumstances and obstacles that feed character development. Develop quirkiness, uniqueness, individuality and behavior that deepen the actor’s work.

Effective Memory – The most powerful technique an actor can master. Develops the actor’s most truthful, organic, moment to moment work. Shari has developed an acclaimed approach to this fundamental tool. Her renowned demonstration of Effective Memory Work has been seen on Bravo’s “Live From The Actors Institute”. This is the acting method that makes stars.