For stage, film, or television, Shari and our staff are known for their exceptional one-on-one coaching. Our coaches will personally guide you to your absolute best performance.  Skype sessions also available if you are unable to come to the studio.

*Private coaching w/ Shari (weekends):  $175 per hour/$95 per half hour

*Private coaching w/ Shari (weekdays) or Jackie:  $150 per hour/$90 per half hour
*Private coaching w/ staff:  $135 per hour/$75 per half hour
Note:  Add an additional $30 for tape upload


Now that taped auditions are the norm, you must have a great tape to stand out. That is where we come in. We have state-of-the-art cameras, lighting,  and sound equipment.  Need us to upload your tape for you?  We can edit and upload online, ready to share.

Taping sessions can be done with or without coaching.

*Taping Session:  $60 per half hour
*Taping Session w/ coaching:  See Rates for “Private Coaching” listed above


Having tape of yourself is key to being able to market yourself, as you are your own product.  Agents, managers and casting directors get the best sense of you and your work by simply watching it.  But you need the agents and managers to help you get the jobs to get you footage.

Not a problem:  Create an audition reel.  Pick sides, get prepped and go on tape!  Instant footage.

*Call or email the studio for pricing and scheduling
(818) 505-1225


Our coaches are available to help you keep your work focused and clear from all of the commotion happening on set, assuring that you create a nuanced, unique, and memorable performance.

*Call or email the studio for pricing and scheduling
(818) 505-1225

*All scheduled sessions cancelled within 24 hours of the appointment are subject to a cancelation fee