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Mon, Feb 06, 2017

Recently I was at my dear friend’s birthday party. It wasn’t a milestone birthday but she went all out. Great food, a band, photo booth, and even a special performance by her children. I asked her why she didn’t wait to do this for a “bigger” birthday. What she said to me really struck me. She said that she was sick of NOT celebrating things, that life can be rough and when something good happens, it MUST be celebrated.

Ancient civilizations did this as well. They had ceremonies and celebrations for harvests, full moons, plantings, the sun, you name it. These ceremonies tried to instill hope for the future, gratitude for the present, and reverence for the past, for all who took part. And while modern society certainly has it’s own ceremonies and celebrations, I wonder if, as artists, we can expand on what it is we celebrate.

A great acting class where you dug deep into the work? A wonderful audition? A successful volunteer job? A centering yoga class? The beginning of a meditation practice? Opening of your etsy shop? Helping a friend in need? CELEBRATE IT!

I am not saying hire a band and a photo booth (though if you have the means, go for it!), BUT make sure you take time to FEEL that gratitude, the internal self-love, and the happiness these moments bring. Going through this process is not only good for your soul, but healing in practice.

It’s a new year, so please, make it a year of little and big celebrations!


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