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Celebrate Your Courage

“I don’t really want to become normal, average, standard. I want merely to gain in strength, in the courage to live out my life more fully, enjoy more, experience more. I want to develop even more original and more unconventional traits.” – Anaïs Nin

“Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, “I will try again tomorrow.” – Mary Anne Radmach

“I believe that to create one’s own world in any of the arts takes courage.” -Georgia O’Keeffe


 In the pursuit of artistic excellence, it is so easy to forget how profoundly courageous the simple act of leading a creative life is.  You are so courageous and brave for choosing this wonderful life!  It would have been so much easier to pursue any other career but that wasn’t your truth. I am so proud of you for following your heart and am your biggest cheerleader. Take a moment to celebrate that courageous part of your soul. We as artists do not lead normal, mundane lives.  We work outside of business hours.  We often have side hustles. We feel deep emotions and tell important stories. We challenge societal norms.  We hustle hard.  Continue on your artistic journey even if you have to take one step at a time. Like Ms. Radmach says sometimes you roar and sometimes you whisper. The point is you keep moving bravely forward.

Recently when working with a coaching client, we started talking about the importance of confidence. They had nerves for an upcoming big audition. Confidence is key but sometimes it’s hard to know how to get it. We decided the best step forward for them was to acknowledge the nerves and persevere in defiance of them. That takes a tremendous amount of courage. Let the nerves fuel your work. Even famous actors like Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Roberts still feel nerves, anxiety and stage fright so it’s natural.  The work you do as an artist is so important. Whenever you are feeling unremarkable, think of the potential for your work to help change the world. Think of how courageous you are for following your artistic passions. We at Shari Shaw Studios stand in awe of your courageous soul.


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