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Factoring in the behavioral life of the character can transform your auditions and performances.  One way to access this behavioral life is to use your imagination to spend a morning, an event, or any part of a day as your character.  This can help you get to know your character on a new, deeper, more experiential level.  And relax – there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

Pick an event or time frame that is sure to include obstacles so that you can experience them as your character would.  Consider every detail.  Explore everything!  How was your day?  Where are you just coming from?  What does it feel like to fight for the thing you need?  Explore what it feels like to be up against the odds.  What tactics feel available to you, as the character, in the thick of it?  How do you go about saving face if things don’t go your way, but you still value the relationship?  Let the flow of emotions causing feelings causing behavior affect you deeply…  Utilize these findings to help bring your character to life and set you apart in the audition room!

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