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“Being bold is about taking risks and not being afraid to ask for favors.”

By April 5, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

This applies to your relationships just as much as your acting.  It is important to ask for assistance when you truly need it.  Film, television, and theatre are collaborative mediums to the core, so developing a team/group/community mindset is imperative to your success in this field.  No one in film and television has gotten where they are by stiff-arming everyone around them, keeping them at arm’s length, and living as an island to him or herself.

Sometimes “taking risks” looks like helping out someone in your circle with the favor they’re asking; sometimes that simple act of helping someone else clears the way for the help you need to be able to find its way to you.  You must craft and nurture your relationships and network just the same way you craft and nurture your acting skills.  Remember that no one owes you anything, so be courteous and gracious as you both ask for help and offer your help to others.  Taking risks – and boldly – is a muscle you must build.


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