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Monday, February 19th, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ve recently been spending your free time cheering like mad/crying in front of your television. No, I am not talking about The Price is Right (though, yes, I totally cry from that too). I am talking about The Olympics!

The Olympics is always such a fabulous time to celebrate the amazing talent of these athletes and applaud the epic journeys they’ve taken to get to their moment on the world stage. I get so inspired because I’m a sucker for a dream coming true. Especially when that dream is backed up by years of study and tireless dedication. You know where I’m going with this, right?

I want you to be your own Olympic Champion. How? Glad you asked!

Train like a champion:

If you were to treat acting as a sport, how would you train? Olympians dedicate thousands of hours to their sport. Acting is no different. Every single day is a new opportunity to train. And I don’t just mean in acting class. Though classes are where the bulk of your studies will be, acting is a full body sport. It requires not only a keen mind and an open heart but a strong, flexible core so you can physically embody all types of characters. You also need to be up on all the latest films, TV shows, plays and streaming content. Watch, read, listen, move: this is all part of your training and you can do at least one of these things every single day.

Get a Coach:

Getting a coach is key for athletes as well as for actors. A coach helps you train effectively, learn new techniques, guides your talent in the right direction and cheers for you win or lose. A great coach will see the things you can’t and give you honest perspective on your growth.

Keep up the Side Hustle:

I noticed that many young Olympians keep their side jobs to pay for their training, equipment and life. This is important as you grow your career as an actor as well. Having a job that is flexible makes life as an actor much easier. Having that freedom to go to auditions without too much worry about how the bills are being paid can be the difference between booking the job or not. Also, a side job gets your mind off of your training which is a GOOD THING. Mental breaks are key.

Practice performing:

Not just in class, though that is a great place for it. Olympians start out in local competitions and then move nationally and so on. They not only do this to move up in their field but for the practice of performing under pressure. For actors, perform wherever you can. Create your own content, audition for anything you can (whether or not you plan on actually doing it), do a play. Get in front of an audience. The more you do it, the less pressure you feel!

It must be your PASSION:

I say this time and time again. YOU HAVE TO LOVE IT. Watching the joy and determination in these Olympians’ eyes is just breathtaking. You know they love what they’re doing with every fiber of their being. Acting must be this way for you if you truly want to pursue it. Take a long deep look inside and ask yourself: Am I willing to put in my 10,000 hours (at least)? Will I dedicate myself to this goal no matter what? Am I willing to go all in? If your answer is “yes”, congrats! You are already on the road to success.

Novelist William Makepeace Thackeray said, “Whatever you are, be a good one.” I have always loved this quote. So! whatever you choose to be, I want to challenge you to be a GREAT one. Go all out. Be the champion I know you already are. I can’t wait to watch you succeed! Like I said, I’m a sucker for a dream coming true.

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