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Focus on what you can give.  Try thinking of yourself as a service provider.  Really think about it!  Cable guys, plumbers, doctors, and lawyers don’t get nervous when they’re providing their expertise to the people who need it.  You wouldn’t have been cast and brought onto the production if you weren’t right for the role.  If you’re still in the audition process, step back for just a second and realize that your most valuable asset is yourself and that nobody else can provide the exact service that you’re offering as you.

The positive path is to focus on giving, not taking.  Show them what you can do!  Give a glimpse of your well-prepared character and scene.  Gift the production with your elaborate attention to detail and well-crafted process as a professional who has been in classes and working out your craft on the regular.  Realize that you are a service provider and that you were – or will be – brought on board to contribute your expertise and enthusiasm.  Share your shine from that place of empowerment.

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