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“Auditions are the perfect time to make fearless choices, and avoid getting caught up in what others may (or may not) think.”

By February 15, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News


Let’s shift our perspective on auditions.  What if auditions could be fun?  What if they could serve a bigger purpose than winning a role?  Could you possibly feel amazing after every single audition, walking away always feeling like it was a genuine “win” regardless of whether you win the role or not?

An audition is an opportunity to demonstrate the standard of work you consistently provide, build relationships, expand your network, and gain fans.  Auditions are also a time to show off the specific scene or character  you’ve spent time sculpting like the great work of art it is.  You get to perform your heart out for a captive audience and give them a taste of your very best.   Maybe then you end your audition ritual by reflecting on the amazing opportunity of which you’ve just availed yourself, relishing in the fact that someone wanted to see your acting today, and then treating yourself to something nice and kind.

Knowing that you showed up, took an opportunity and a chance, and did your best work in front of real, live, important people should feel awe-inspiring!  Know also that the people for whom you are performing view you as a potential teammate and absolutely want you to succeed.  They want to see you in your element, making the deepest, most connected, you-est choices with gusto, commitment and enthusiasm.  Go ahead – show off your biggest, baddest self in the shoes of the character and world that have presented themselves to you.  There is no need to second-guess your process nor fear your instincts.  Filling out the role with your you-ness is exactly the sparkle it needs, and it’s exactly the thing that will have the team remembering to call you back in the next time.

Putting a smile on the casting director’s face, making confident contact with your target buyer(s), and/or simply living up to your own high standards of golden work is amazing enough!  Take the time to acknowledge all the work you’ve done to receive the audition in the first place, feel confident and proud, know you delivered an amazing audition to a winning audience, and let the rest catch up to you.


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