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“Artistry matters. I can find it in everything I do.”

By February 19, 2021Blog, Inspiration, News

To be an artist is just that – a way of being.  Becoming an artist isn’t a career choice as much as a calling, and we who have been called know this well.  We also know the inherent worth of art, artists, and artistry.  Another layer of our calling is to apply our artfulness to all that we do.

Merriam-Webster defines ‘artistry’ as “artistic quality of effect or workmanship; artistic ability.”  One of its definitions of ‘artistic’ is “showing imaginative skill in arrangement or execution.”  Therefore, whenever we use our skillful, trained imaginations to effect some sort of change, we are using our artistry.

Have you ever stared into your closet wondering what on earth you’re going to wear, when all of a sudden you realize a perfect pairing that has been under your nose for months but you have never before put together?  This is a moment of artistic inspiration, and when you execute – ie, wear your newfound pairing – you have just found artistry in the act of something as potentially mundane as getting dressed!  You’ll begin to notice artistry expressing itself in the way you plate your food or style your hair, or the new route you might decide to take to a familiar place once Coronavirus is manageable.

Artistry is a way of life.  As the saying goes, “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything,” so notice your process and your approach.  Infuse as much ingenuity and imagination as you can muster into your daily life and interactions – even the most mundane of them.  Trust and believe that your artful living can help make the world a better and better place.

Artists are the noticers of the world, and those with exceptional artistry respond to that which they notice.  This is also the specific magic of good acting, too, of course.  Good acting requires active listening and noticing, with exceptional imagination to be able to then behave truthfully under imaginary circumstances.  We must allow ourselves to make new discoveries about our scene partner, and sometimes even ourselves, each and every time.  We keep our scenes and characters fresh by conditioning ourselves to live in such a way that we easily find the artistry in everything we do, not just our creative work.


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